About Us

Welcome to Disney Play House And Hobby Center

Disney Play House and Hobby center started in 2009 with the aim of providing early childhood education with a scientific approach. We follow the Montessori System of Education, in which students are taught concepts through activity. We focus on all the aspects of children whether it’s physical, Mental, Social, Emotional along with academic.

Learning is fun at Disney as all the subjects are well explained through games, toys, projects, and audiovisuals. It helps to improve Fine mortar skills and gross mortar skills of Children.


Why Disney?

We Celebrate childhood every single day at school. Learning is not just about books but it’s about experiences and experiments. We develop various methods of teaching that makes children attentive. Children are involved in activities through interesting stories, rhymes, and games.

We do regular follow up with parents about the progress of children. Different projects, Celebrations, Events, and Competitions are organized for Students throughout the year.  Visit various places and the Picnic is also organized at regular intervals.

Our Curriculum

Multiple Languages
Music Programs
Dance Class
Art Classes
Sports Programs
Gifted & Talented Program

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